Mavort – Sick Thoughts (EP) (2014)


Mavort are a German metal band formed in 2012, completing their final lineup in 2013. Sick Thoughts is their first mini album and was released in 2014.

This is very good for a first EP. “Fat riffs and stomping beats encounter melodic and aggressive vocal cords to create catchy tunes, which turn every song into a listening experience” is a quote you can find on their Facebook page, and I can only agree with that.

In my youth (oh my, am I this old already) I listened to a lot of metal, and this music reminds me of bands I discovered at the beginning of the new millennium (early 2000’s). I don’t know much about metal genres sadly, so I don’t know in which ‘category’ I have to put this band, but I’m sure a lot of ‘just plain metal fans’ will enjoy this! I also love the album sleeve as well, just plain shapes but very nicely done.

The production could be done better but it’s good. Sometimes it sounds a bit too ‘congested’ during the louder parts of the tracks. The music is great and stays interesting. The vocals are very good, there’s a lot of variety in Dirk Proksch’s vocals. I’m singing along with the chorus of the track ‘Sick Thoughts’ and ‘These Dayz’, which is my favourite track from the EP.

I’m really curious when they will bring out a full length album. I hope this band will make more music, because this EP is very promising!

I give it four of five stars!

More information about the band:

You can hear the track Blue Sky here:



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