My first personal blog post and other musical onions


First of all, I have no clue how often I will update this personal blog, but sometimes I just need to post ‘somewhat related’ stuff (aka: pouring out my silly opinions and experiences) that aren’t reviews and/or interviews.

A lot of people are following me on Facebook already where I also post a lot of nonsense, but I would like to have this page related to my work I do for House of Prog, Background Magazine and other musical onions (wanted to say ‘music related trips & excursions’ but Google Translate has some nice outcomes when you try to translate certain Dutch words… Anyway, the Dutch people know what I tried to translate).

I have some album reviews that are finished and published on Background Magazine but are not posted here. Why, you ask? I had to reinstall my computer again and I don’t have a proper version of Microsoft Office yet. I tried to install a certain version of Office but it didn’t work. If it works, you will know soon enough. Windows Updates are driving me crazy, it takes hours to install more than 1000 new updates (darnit) and in the meantime you can’t do anything.

Well, what can I tell you so far? I interviewed the band Stick Men last Friday and saw them perform live in the Boerderij. Those guys were amazing, and sweet too! I will post the interview and concert review here soon. I always make sure that House of Prog gets the interview first before I post it here. Same story about the concert reviews for Background Magazine. Please check out both House of Prog and Background Magazine, my colleagues are awesome and do a lot of interesting stuff like interviews and reviews as well.

I planned more interviews and have a lot more reviews to write so you can tell I’m pretty busy. Someday I hope I can turn all this work what I do for free now into a proper paid job. Before you get me wrong: I don’t mind to do it for free, I love what I do and love to help people for free when I can, but sadly we live in a world where money needs to be made just to ‘survive’ (you know, have food to eat and a place to live). Weird, isn’t it? No? Well, it is weird for me, but before this blog turns into a terrible discussion about ‘How to live in this created society’ I can tell you this: doing this all this takes a lot of time and energy (more than you think, so please, don’t call me ‘lazy’ just because I don’t earn money), but it’s more than worth it. I love my work, everything I create is a personal masterpiece for me. Compliments and support from friends and a lot of other people helps me continue making this all possible.

Oh my, I’m drifting off… Anyway, thank you for reading this post. It means a lot. I will keep you updated as much as possible. Thank you also for reading my reviews and listening to my interviews. You are awesome!! Yes, you are awesome, admit it… Come on, you know it! Yes! You! Awesome!

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