Keep the Prog in Christmas! (Aka: A big thank you message to all the lovely people I’ve met and/or helped me standing where I am now)


I know, I’m waaaaaayyyy too early with this one… But still, better too early than late! As you may or may not know, we Dutchies have our own version of Santa Clause named Sinterklaas (or Sint Nicolaas, which you can translate to Saint Nicholas), a Dutch tradition that’s been going on for centuries. We celebrate his birthday on December 5th (December 6th for our friendly southern neighbours the Flemish) with friends, family and presents! Sounds familiar, eh? Don’t worry, we still celebrate Christmas too, so actually we have one extra day of ‘Christmas’.

For me, 2015 is one big Sinterklaas/Christmas event so far. Why? Because it’s the year that I met a lot of wonderful people, both in real-life and on social media. This is is also the year I really started to interview artist and bands on a regular basis (of course, I did interviews before but not as much as I did this year), and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I met so many artists: Big names, small names, young, old, professionals, beginners… But they all have one thing in common… They are all wonderful, talented, sweet and amazing!

… Wait, I named four things… Doesn’t matter! 😀

I would also like to thank all the band/tour managers who I contacted and made possible I could interview the artist/band I wanted to do an interview with. Also a big thank you for the venues (and the people who work there) that allowed I could go backstage and interview the artist.

All those interviews with the artists are aired on House of Prog, a wonderful radio station. I would like to thank all my colleagues at HOP for being there and helping me out when it comes to shows! Especially Ian Beabout, who makes sure you will hear my interviews on Sundays before his awesome show Prog Rock Deep Cuts.

This year I also started working for Background Magazine as an album & concert reviewer. I would like to thank Henri Strik that he allows me to write a bunch of nonsense… Ahem, I mean a lot of reviews. Also a big thank you for providing me the music and making it possible to attend certain concerts/gigs.

I would also like to thank the artists I (sadly) did not meet in real life (yet) who gave me their music for free, keep in touch with me and talk to me on social media.

Wait! I’m still not there yet! I would like to thank everyone who bought albums through my record store and compliment me on my packaging skills! I really hope you enjoy the music you bought from me!

Oof, almost there! I would like to thank all the other people I forgot to mention at the moment, my memory isn’t super… A big apology!

Last but not least… Far, far, faaaaaaar from least… A person who makes all of the above possible, and I really mean all of the above! The person who makes it possible that I can travel to the venues where I do my interviews/concert reviews, who edits all my interviews (and makes sure I do not sound like an idiot), who helps me with recording the Purple Flower Progressive Hour shows and allowing me to use his (recording) equipment, who proofreads my reviews before sending them to Background Magazine, who makes sure the record store has great albums for sale, who supports me with every decision I make, who makes sure I’m still alive today…

Arjan, without you I would not be able to do anything I do now. Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you!

And you, dear friend/artist/stranger who coincidentally reads this… Thank you for reading…

Have a lovely Sinterklaas/Christmas…
Iris (aka Ier)

Ps: sorry for the long title… Here are all the links for everything I’ve mentioned above!

House of Prog Radio:

Background Magazine:

My record store:


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