Isn’t It Quiet And Cold (An Update From Your Gentle Reporter)


No, I did not miss the bus**, I’m just writing this blog post while I’m busy with writing a review for Background Magazine and replying on emails. This is just one of those days that you want to accomplish a lot, but somehow it doesn’t work out at all… Anyway, I’m glad that I have some great news to share with you guys!

People who follow my Facebook already know that I had an interview with the lovely Theo Travis on December 2nd, before his gig with Soft Machine at the Boerderij Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Two days later I had to rush back to the same venue again to interview the band HeKz. They had a duo show with the band Lonely Robot. I interviewed the cute blokes from HeKz after their gig while they were having dinner (and they even insisted that I would have some dinner too, very sweet). I was also present as a photographer/reviewer at both gigs, and both were amazing! I will post the concert reviews on my page soon. There’s a big chance that I will be interviewing the band The Aristocrats tomorrow before their gig at the Boerderij, but it’s not certain yet (so please, keep your fingers crossed!). I’m planning to do a special Christmas edition of my show called Purple Flower Progressive Hour. Normally my show only contains one or two interviews, but if it all works out there’s a big chance that the upcoming Purple Flower Progressive Hour has three interviews! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Ok, time for some other news I want to share with you. The reason why it takes some time before you can read my album/concert reviews on my page is that I always wait until my reviews are available on Background Magazine. I write most of the reviews for Background Magazine. Some of my reviews are for House of Prog or only available on my page. The reason why it takes some time before you can hear my interviews is that I only publish my interviews on my page after the Purple Flower Progressive Hour (PFPH) show has been aired on House of Prog. PFPH isn’t a weekly show because it depends on how many artists/bands I interview per month, but I hope I can turn it into a weekly show someday of course. In the meantime I try to fill the ‘gaps’ on my website with announcements and interesting stories about my interviews, concert reviews and album reviews. A big thank you for Don Negron who actually came up with this great idea!

All what I do for Background Magazine and House of Prog is voluntary. I don’t mind, I love to help, write, report and take photos! Sadly, food needs to be on the table and bills have to be paid, so I’m offering myself as a (freelance) journalist and/or reviewer. Please feel free to contact me (my email address can be found at the end of this post).

Time for me to get back to work now. A big thank you for my supporters, readers and all the other people who make this possible! Don’t forget to keep an eye on my page!

Floop floop!

Iris, aka Ier

Some interesting links for you: (The Magazine I voluntary work for) (The Radio Station I voluntary work for) (The venue I mentioned above. Please visit this venue when you can, they always have awesome bands and the ambiance is great!)


What are those two creatures doing on my desk?

You can always contact me here:

** For the people who don’t know where the title of my post came from and I started my first sentence with missing the bus: Isn’t It Quiet And Cold is the title of a song from the band Gentle Giant, one of my favourite bands. It tells the story about a person who missed the bus and had to walk home all alone.

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