OUT NOW: MistEir – Ragnarok (2016)


The band MistEir just released their debut album named Ragnarok! MistEir is a project of Liberty’s Exiles members Simon Talbot and Rob Mallory. I had the pleasure to work with them on a couple of tracks on this album!

From the official website:

“MistEir started out as a single song, from a group of musicians from bands like Halo, and Corvus Stone. But as time went on, it seemed to front-man Simon Talbot that the project had fizzled out.

In early 2015, as one of his other acts, Liberty’s Exiles, were working on their next project, they asked MistEir bass player Iris Hidding to join the duo. Unfortunately Iris was only able to lend her hand to three tracks.

Since the theme of the new LE album fit more with what Simon had envisioned for MistEir, and less as an LE album, it was decided that Simon, and LE keysman Rob Mallory, would resurrect MistEir as a different sort of project for the duo. Keeping what they had written with Iris, and finishing the remaining tracks as a duo, “Ragnarok”  was finished in late 2015.”

You can listen and buy the album here:


More information about the band:



Check out MistEir’s song Darkness Alone (a track from 2014, with your own roving reporter on bass) here:



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