Robby Valentine, Bizarro World Vinyl Release Party, live at the P3 Purmerend, 20 February 2016


The album Bizarro World, which is Robby Valentine’s  most recent album, was released back in 2014. This year the album was  finally released as a limited edition vinyl album. People who pre-ordered the album were invited to join the official vinyl release party in the P3 at Purmerend. This  was the first time I ever went to this venue and to a concert of Robby Valentine, so I was very curious that evening.

Wow! When the band started to play it was an instant hit. What an energy, what a performance. What also helped was the bright and colourful stage lighting. The music is a real mixture of symphonic rock and metal, but with a lot of pop influences as well. Robby Valentine plays several guitars and also on a grand piano that was on the right side (for the audience left side) of the stage. His voice is in good form and that also applies to the band. After playing a couple of songs Robby thanked the audience for coming and said that he sees a lot of familiar faces but also new faces too.

The band doesn’t only play tracks from their latest album but several tracks from other albums as well. Robby also surprised the audience by playing and singing Life On Mars from David Bowie solo behind his piano. Female vocalist Laura Guldemond was only on stage when she had to sing along with some of the songs. Robby announced that the other female vocalist, Maria Catharina, sadly couldn’t perform because of voice problems. Guitarist Paul Coenradie is a fantastic guitarist who knows how to play interesting guitar solos. Robby is a real virtuoso on the piano. He also started to play some classical piano pieces by Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

After the set the band came back on stage, treating the audience with the track Mustapha, a song from Queen.  A contributor of the magazine Aardschok entered the stage in between the encore tracks, and handed out the first pressing the Bizarro Wold vinyl album to mister Valentine himself. During the track Black Rain Robby pointed his microphone towards the audience from time to time. The audience was loudly singing along with the song of course.

I really enjoyed their performance that evening. The band played a lot of varied music and was very good too! This band is a real live band that knows how to entertain the audience. I hope to see Robby Valentine and band perform again in the near future soon!


Valentine are:

Robby Valentine – Lead Vocals, Guitars & Piano

Paul Coenradie – Guitars

Johan Jay Jay Willems – Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Guitars

Andre Borgman – Drums

Luuk van Gerwen – Bass Guitar

Laura Guldemond – Vocals

Anna Postumius – Violin



Intro/Bizarro World


No Turning Back


The Magic Breeze

Dear Dad

Fear Of Heights

You’re Tearing Me Down

Magnum Opus

Deadbeat Boy

Life On Mars (David Bowie cover)


Trip To The Moon

Close The Door

The Mistake

Make Way (For The Messenger)

Piano Solo Chopin/Tchaikovsky

4th Rate Razorback

Save Myself


Mustapha (Queen cover)

Black Rain

Over And Over


You can read my review on Background Magazine:

All photos by me.

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