So this is March 2016… (And we lost another great artist again)


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UPDATE 2! It looks like hundreds of people are reading this post but sadly nobody has answered my question in update 1. I would love to know who (could be anyone or anything) shared this post on March 15th so I can thank that person personally. Thank you! 🙂

Yes, it’s time for my latest Sunday blog post! Too bad I have to start this blog post with some sad news…

The great Keith Emerson, known as the keyboard wizard of Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), passed away a few days ago. It’s such a tragic loss, I still can’t believe he’s really gone. We lost so many great artists already, but Keith was one of my personal heroes. Rest in peace, sir Emerson!


Time for some good news. The interview I had with artist Neil Mahony (Mahoney) a few weeks ago will finally be broadcast on House of Prog next weekend! Keep an eye on my webpage, I will give more details about the show later this week. Be prepared, I have more interviews lined up in the following weeks, including an interview with Fractal MirrorLeo Koperdraat!

If you missed the latest Ed & Iris Discuss show where we discussed live gigs, well shame on you (*wink wink wink*)! Go listen to it here:

I was also finally able to write some reviews for Background Magazine again (please keep in mind, my computer problems are still not over sadly), so I hope to treat you all with some nice album reviews later this week.

Keep on rockin’,proggin’, headbangin’… Anything that makes you happy! 😉

Big hugs!

Iris, aka Ier!

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One thought on “So this is March 2016… (And we lost another great artist again)

  1. It’s a sad way for Keith to go out on. We have no ideas what demons he was dealing and battling with but when your one true magickal gift begins to be taken away from you what do you do then? Perhaps he felt no purpose to carry on and become less and less of who he was, a shadow of his former self and chose to check out. Sad but now we will never know but at least it no longer pains him.

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