Personal Playlist by Iris (15 March 2016)


What, another personal playlist already? Yes, another one, because there’s so much great music to share with you guys! 


1c8f14e5cf50c32d8253133f480250e2While writing this review I’m listening to Crescent Moon‘s album The Lidless Room. Very ‘Floydy’, but very enjoyable music! There’s a side one and a side two according to the album sleeve of the CD (yes, CD, not vinyl) , but that didn’t fool me… Well, almost then. 😉 I will write a review about this album soon, so please keep an eye on the page!


645186_origAnother (semi) Dutch prog band who just released their latest album is Fractal Mirror. Their album Slow Burn 1 is a real beauty, a good follow up of Garden Of Ghosts! I will write a review about this album as well, so please keep… Yeah yeah, I know, I’m repeating myself!


CS2832866-02A-BIGAn album that has been on repeat the last few days is O.R.k.‘s debut album Inflamed Rides, which was released in 2015. It’s dark, it’s haunting, it’s just beautiful! When I was at their gig in February I was totally caught up in their music! I interviewed Colin Edwin, the bassist of the band, right before that gig. You can listen to the interview here and read my review about the gig here. Maybe I will write a review about that album too, but there are so many albums waiting to be reviewed already… Oof!


41kUKU+p9vLTime for an oldie but goldie! no-man‘s Returning Jesus. Yes, I know, another Tim Bowness album, you would almost think that he’s one of my favourite artists (well, actually he is, of course)! It’s an album I listen to while wearing headphones and walking outside. It comes very close to the music Tim made recently in my opinion.


edc649f22f11c748c6929de6f19An album that I play a lot… And I mean really, really, really a lot… Is Amplifier‘s first (and self-titled) album. Facebook reminded me yesterday that I bought this album 3 years ago. This album is still my number one album of all the albums I own. When I heard the first track Motorhead for the first time I was sold immediately! It’s one of the best tracks I’ve ever heard in my life, and I think it will stay that way for a long time. Go listen to this amazing song here:

Well, that was it for today. Keep an eye on the page for more playlists!

5 thoughts on “Personal Playlist by Iris (15 March 2016)

  1. Awesome band! Great choice! Picked up on them a while ago as well and I was impressed so I kept up with them! Surprised to see this and chuffed you dig on them! Cranked this one out as soon as I saw this post!

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