My regular Sunday blog post… On a Monday? (… Why not?)


Hey hey hey! It’s a Monday! Yes, you probably thought “Iris, where is your regular Sunday blog post?”… Well, here it is! News about Neil Mahony, Ed & Iris Discuss show, Prog Suicide Awareness Week, and more!

The reason why I didn’t post my regular Sunday blog post is because I had my Purple Flower Progressive Hour show yesterday on House of Prog, which contains my interview I had with Neil  Mahony (MAHONEY, Ex-Amplifier). One of the most interesting interviews I ever had (Neil’s words: Controversial, honest and entertaining!). You can listen to the show and interview here:

Ed & I also recorded a new Ed & Iris Discuss show where we talk about ‘prog collaborations’. I still need to edit the show and squeeze in some awesome tracks, but I’m sure I will upload the show to Mixcloud this week!

My prog colleagues from Proglodytes are busy setting up a campaign/charity. We lost the great Keith Emerson in a terrible way. Suicide is something we don’t like to talk about, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Here’s a quote from Arthur Hatton: “As a mental health professional and a lover of prog, I decided to organize something in honor of Keith’s memory: a fundraiser to benefit a suicide awareness and prevention charity. I declare this “Prog Suicide Awareness Week” here at Proglodytes.”

You can read the complete post and contribute here:

The reason why I haven’t posted any album reviews this week on my website is because they haven’t been published yet on Background Magazine, so please be patient (and your patience will be rewarded with a big virtual hug from yours truly). I’m also busy writing some other album reviews which I will post on this website and the House of Prog website.

Oof, did I forget to mention something? I probably do, as always… Keep on proggin’!

Big hugs from your favourite scatterbrain!

Iris, aka Ier

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2 thoughts on “My regular Sunday blog post… On a Monday? (… Why not?)

  1. Hans-Joachim Rietdorff

    Hello, Iris,
    i’m a big fan of progressive music and i’m very interesting to become more knowledge about bands and performers that i prefer. At first please excuse me for my english. I’m from germany and i do ” in progress” for this laguage. Please excuse me for any grammatical mistakes that i make. I try to explain what i mean as best as i can.
    Greetings from germany ( Berlin )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Hans-Joachim,

      Thank you very much for your reply on my blog post. No need to apologize, your English is fine. Which bands do you already prefer and which bands would you like to know better? Feel free to read all my posts on this blog, I always try to post several album reviews, interviews and playlists per week.

      Greetings from The Netherlands,



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