So this was March 2016… (This year is going fast, isn’t it?)


Spring is in the air! Sunshine, flowers, lambs and butterflies… And a new personal blog post from your roving reporter!

Let’s begin with some exciting news! My interview with Ed van Haagen from Fractal Mirror will be aired this Sunday (3 April) on House of Prog at 9 PM Central European Time (which means 3 PM Eastern Time). We talk about the band’s latest album Slow Burn 1, their collaborations with other musicians and more! You really don’t want to miss this interview! I also have an interview scheduled with the lovely gentlemen from Crescent Moon in early April, very exciting!

Ok. Some other news then! I hope I will post more album reviews in April. I’m very behind schedule (according to myself) and a lot of artists/bands are waiting for a review, and I hate to make them wait. As you may have noticed there’s an album review on my website written by guest writer John Eje Thelin. We both wrote a review of Profuna Ocean‘s latest album In Vacuum. You can read John’s version here and my version here. I’m thinking about inviting more guest writers for my website in the near future, so please keep an eye on the page!

Oh yes, in my latest personal blog post I promised you all a striptease! … Tomorrow, ok? 😉

Big hugs and butterflies!

Iris, aka Ier!

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Me & Ed van Haagen from Fractal Mirror!


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