Hey hey Monday! (An update from your roving reporter)


So… What have I’ve been up to lately? 

Last Friday I interviewed the band Silhouette right before their gig at Parktheater Alphen a/d Rijn! It was a short but interesting interview, which you will hear soon on House of Prog and on Mixcloud! I also took some pictures during the duo gig (the opener band that evening was Novatia), and I’m busy writing a concert review as well (which you can read on Background Magazine and my website soon).

I’ve uploaded my latest Purple Flower Progressive Hour show on Mixcloud! I interviewed two members (Frank & Eric) from the band Crescent Moon! If you haven’t heard the show yet, go listen to it here (NOTE: this Mixcloud link is NOT the end of the post, please scroll down for more news):

This upcoming Wednesday (April 20th) you can hear a special interview… With me! Yes, your roving reporter got interviewed by the lovely DJ Morgana!! You will hear the interview during the Metal Madhouse Show on House of Prog! The show starts at 9 PM CET (3 PM EDT). Go check out DJ Morgana’s Madhouse Headquarters page here (and don’t forget to give it a ‘like’): https://www.facebook.com/metalmadhouse666/

In the meantime I’m writing some more album reviews and I’m also working on some other ‘ideas’… Ooooh!

By the way… I just received a ‘special’ mail while I’m writing this post… Something about interviewing a ‘certain’ artist from a ‘certain’ band… Sounds interesting… 😉

Keep an eye on the page! Big hugs from your roving reporter!

Iris Ghigglink… Hugging… Hidding! Or just Ier…

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