The power of music!


Of course, I get a lot of new music almost every day. Some of it is quite good, some of it just isn’t my usual taste, some of it is sadly not so good…

… But sometimes I get music that really knocks me off my feet and makes me say “WOW! This is excellent!”. Sadly, I’m not allowed to tell which brand new album made me go ‘WOW’, but I’m busy writing a review about it!

Music can be a very powerful tool. It can lift you up emotionally for example, make you feel happy… Or the other way around. How can it be that music has so much effect on us?

Let me share a very interesting article with you! It’s written by Oliver Sacks, who also wrote fantastic books as The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, Musicophilia, and more! Just click here to read this interesting article: The power of music


Iris, aka Ier



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