Yes… It’s one of those weird evenings when you slip in some kind of very depressing feeling you can’t get rid of. You’re too numb to set yourself up for something work-related, but when you try to relax (watching stupid YouTube videos for example) you’re feeling even worse because “You’re doing nothing”. Weird, isn’t it? I already did some important stuff today, but still I have the ‘feeling’ that I should do more.

What helps me a lot is taking long walks outside… But sadly, the weather was terrible today, so I stayed inside. Another thing that helps me is writing… Writing non-work related stuff… Writing writing writing… Long stories, short ones… Related, important things… Or just complete nonsense.
I should actually finish an album review this evening, but I’m writing a completely different album review instead. Somehow, it helps! As you can see, my latest album review I posted on my website (click here to read the review) isn’t a recent album at all. I just wrote it for the sake of writing, and the fact that I adore the album.
It really helps me a lot somehow. Writing a review of an album that I love to frequently listen to, but is not on my ‘to review list’. My list is quite long, something that makes me a bit depressed too. I need to learn to say “no” when artists ask me for an album review and I need to decide for myself which albums come first.
Anyway, the review I’m working on now is another Porcupine Tree album again. I’m not going to tell you which album it is, you just have to wait until the review is published!
A big hug from your ‘meh’ reporter!
Iris, aka Ier
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13 thoughts on “Meh!

  1. Careful With Those Pliers Ier! ….. Seeing that it is not an Axe and your name isn’t Eugene! So slight Floyd pun intended! lol. Ya know even in bad weather, unless it’s REALLY bad I go out walking in it to clear my head or just to think freely, you might wanna give it a shot eh? Sometimes when it’s raining it’s good to just go out for a stroll because very few people are out in it and the world is your sidewalk ya know!? And you won’t fall and shove pliers up your nose, unless you really need to dig something out! lol. Sorry, can’t help my 5 year old self humour now and then lol.

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