Sunday blog post nummero 34259640023…


It’s Sunday again, so it’s time for my Sunday blog post! And I have… Not so much news, YAAAAAAAAY… Eh? Oh? Not much news?

Well, the weather is lovely (and it’s quite hot), I attended a beautiful wedding last Friday, and I’m busy with writing reviews and stuff…

My Frost* review is published (which you can read here) since yesterday, and I got a lot of people complimenting me on both the review and the interview I had with Jem Godfrey (you can listen to the interview here). A big THANK YOU to all of you!

Well, what to expect the upcoming week? Expect more reviews, more information about upcoming interviews (with John Young and Pendragon), more wooptidoo and yippehyayeeeh!

Big hugs and sunny greetings!

Iris, aka Ier!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday blog post nummero 34259640023…

  1. Neil Sharp

    Thank you so much for the Frost* review, can’t wait for the new album, plus I eager to hear what is in the pipeline for Pendragon, I found their last album a little disappointing, but you’ll enjoy interviewing John Young, he’s a lovely man.
    Neil X

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