It’s Friday the 13th… And your roving reporter really had a shitty day!


Yes, time to rant again! Today is one of those days that things didn’t go the way you’ve planned it…

I was actually hoping to get a lot of sh*t done today…. But I ended up with nothing but bad luck! I had no internet connection today, and I was struggling all day to get a proper connection! I thought that it was my USB network adapter, because it looked like it caused the problem… So, spending money (which I don’t have… So the money wasn’t even mine) on a bus ride and a new adapter was necessary today!

Ok, now comes the most annoying part of the story… When I tested the new USB network adapter… I found out that it wasn’t the adapter at all! So, it was a day and money spend… FOR NOTHING! Aaaargh!!!!!

Yes, your roving reporter is not pleased! I actually hoped I posted an album review today instead of a personal rant po… I mean personal blog post! Anyway, the good thing is: I’m back on the interwebs!

By the way, if you have a question for the band Pendragon or for John Young, which I’m going to interview tomorrow before their gigs, please let me know! Questions from fans are always fun!

Well, this was it for now! A big hug from your still slightly irritated reporter!

Iris, aka Ier

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