A day in the life of your roving reporter!


Yes, time for my Sunday blog post again! Yesterday was a long day for me, roving around in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands… So I thought it would be fun to make a small report of that day, along with some photos, and even a video! 

As you may know I had an interviews planned with Nick Barrett of Pendragon and John Young of Lifesigns, who was the opener artist that evening. You will hear the interviews soon of course, keep an eye on the page so you won’t miss them! I interviewed Nick first backstage at the Boerderij, the venue where Pendragon was going to play.


Me with Nick Barrett 

After the interview with Nick I had my interview with John Young. It was a very interesting interview as well, it became even more of a discussion!


Me with John Young

I was not sure if I was able to attend the gig because it was sold out, but Nick was very kind to put me on the guest list! Very sweet of him, I can’t thank him enough!

Because both interviews were early in the afternoon I had a lot of time left before the gigs would start, so I thought it would be a good plan to kill the time to rove around in Zoetermeer! I walked from the venue to the shopping center and saw that there was some kind of small market.


The market

The weather was a bit strange, it was cold and windy, but sometimes the sun showed itself so it wasn’t too bad. When I walked towards the old city center I found out that there were some bands playing at several places. I think it was some kind of festival with Dutch traditions, because most people were wearing traditional clothing and all bands and choirs were singing Dutch folklore songs.


One of the bands performing

A video of one of the bands I saw performing… Yeah, just look at the expression on my face to get my opinion on this one… 

After watching five bands at four different locations it was time to go gallery hunting for my friend John Thelin. I found two galleries, but only one was interested in John’s work.


One of the galleries

After the gallery hunting (and hopefully it was a successful hunt) it was time for some ‘dinner’ (my last sandwiches, since I’m poor as f*ck… I was living on home made sandwiches the entire day) and heading back to the venue.

It was sold out, so there was a long line in front of the venue (forgot to take a picture of the line). I saw a lot of familiar faces waiting in line and during the gig, people I’ve met during other gigs, Facebook, or my work as a reporter. It’s fun to see people you meet more and more often! I also met good friend Fred Boon, who gave me a ride home (Thank you, Fred!) later that evening.

Ok, now comes the part where I talk about the gig… And it will be short, because I still need to write a proper gig review and I don’t want to spoil anything until it’s published, so please keep an eye on the page! … But here are some pictures anyway!


John Young

Opener artist John Young played a small set of songs on his keyboards! I really enjoyed his performance that evening.



After John Young it was time for Pendragon! Wow! A great, long performance of this band.

After the gigs I was completely knackered! I walked a lot that day and saw a lot of stuff… And squeezing myself through a complete crowd in a sold out venue with a camera in your hand is not my favourite thing to do of course, haha!

I had a lovely day that Saturday! I met a lot of new people (both during the day and during the gigs), and met some friends (again). Now it’s time to sort out my pics I made yesterday and to prepare myself for another interview I have this Monday… With the one and only John Myung of Dream Theater!

A big hug from your roving reporter, as always!

Iris, aka Ier!

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All photos and video by me.

7 thoughts on “A day in the life of your roving reporter!

  1. Your little video was hysterical as soon as I saw the face you made! No idea what you said but have a good idea what it could have been! They sounded like a troupe of men from the Elk’s Club or something after getting really drunk! lol. The festival looked liked fun to be at besides the drunken old boys club though! Lmao!

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