The weird world of music…


Ok, this is not my usual Sunday blog post (maybe I will make one later on, I don’t know), but this post is a bit on the ‘heavier’ side than usual. Everybody knows that the music industry has changed. Good things happened, it’s now more easier to publish music on your own via the interwebs for example… But it can also be a major downside too…

I just read a devastating post from the band Fractal Mirror on their Facebook page today. The amount of copies sold of their latest album Slow Burn 1 (which I reviewed not so long ago, you can find the link of the review later on in this post) seems to be very disappointing. Real sad news, because I think this band deserves to be heard!

Roger Daltrey of The Who also made a statement about today’s music industry a couple of days ago, saying that the internet has ‘stolen’ the music industry (you can read the article here). Well, I don’t think that the internet is the big troublemaker here, but it’s getting more and more complicated.

Talentless auto-tune artists that are created by the big record labels get millions, and real talented bands/artists that make beautiful music struggle each day. The bands who know how to use the social media the best way get the most attention, while the bands that actually should be heard are drowning in the social media sea. Music streaming has both their pros and cons, and touring is getting more an more difficult for bands/artists who don’t have enough money.

But what can you do about it? Well, you can stop listening what the big record labels try to stuff down your throat and go support the bands/artists that need to be heard. Go listen to (indie and/or internet) radio stations that play smaller bands/artists instead of the commercial radio stations. Go to your local venue and go see that band/artist who just started instead of spending hundreds of euros on those big names in those big venues. Come on, it’s more fun to see the artist play in front of your nose instead of watching an artists through binoculars while you’re sitting on a uncomfortable bucket seat in an oversized arena.

I wish I could be there for every artist that deserves the attention they need, but sadly  I can’t… And, who am I? I’m just one of the many reviewers/reporters out there. The only thing is that most people do it as a hobby, while I’m trying to turn this passion into a paid job. I’m also drowning in album reviews, and I have to say “no” to a lot of artists when they ask me for an album review, simply because I’m overwhelmed. Despite being overwhelmed I will continue to do my very best each day for the bands and artists who deserves more attention. Also, I would like to thank everyone who’s supporting me with donations, music and friendship! You guys make it all possible!

Ok, back to work again, I still need to finish some album reviews this evening! By the way, what is your opinion about today’s music industry? Feel free to comment in the comment section below!

A big hug from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!

My review of Fractal Mirror‘s album Slow Burn 1:

My interview with Ed van Haagen of Fractal Mirror:

My album review of Fractal Mirror‘s album Garden Of Ghosts:

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5 thoughts on “The weird world of music…

  1. It is absolutely very true Lady Ier! The advent of technology has allowed recording gear to become a helluva lot cheaper and now in your own home and on your computer and making it easier for people to make “music”. Sure it has brought us a lot, I mean a LOT of new bands that would have otherwise dissolved in to the abyss of going in to debt to try and get 2 songs recorded in a major studio but at the same time it also gave a ton of garbage put out there too. Take the good with the bad but the internet has been both a curse and a blessing because with sites like YouTube we can hear bands from around the world that would have never even been looked at once over here in North America because we are burdened with cookie cutter commercialism being shoved down out throats and for those who like it, more power to you but the rest of us are hungry for other fare like Prog etc and we have to sift through the again the good and the bad to hear bands that would have otherwise again been lost. As well there has been a resurgence in bands going in to home made studios and actually doing the hard work of recording and re-recording till they get it right without auto-tune to which I’d love to smack the creator of such a program right in the head! Also shows like American idol or whichever country it’s done in, The Voice and all those other shows are damaging because I’ve heard amazing music in small pubs and on the street and these people will never see their music hit the light of the world but some kid or adult who the judges deem “it” goes on and doesn’t have to do what bands in the 60’s and 70’s had to do. Yep some of them do have talent and I have seen some remarkable things on shows like X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and surely there are exceptions to every rule agreed but having people vote for them on national television to get ahead….. really? How about be talented enough to work hard and get ahead in a real way and not on the heels of votes.
    Word of mouth is a long way from when it was the way to hear about a band coming or the newest album and piling in to someone’s car to listen to the newest cassette or in to someone’s basement to crack a few cold ones while you play the newest record! I miss those days.

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      • Most welcome Lady Ier and it’s definitely a clear as day situation where hard working bands like Fractal mirror and Crescent Moon are up against people who make it sound like they have an orchestra, rock band, jazz ensemble, backup singers, horn section and a duet with Michael Jackson along with auto tune to make them sound amazing but when they look in the mirror they know that they are not musical…. their COMPUTER is. So CHEERS to bands like FM and CM and all the others who work hard to make REAL music!

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  2. I dono, I think it has always been 1/1000 talent able to make a life from his music, just think about all the great prog albums from the 70’s that did not get any fame and did not enter top 100. – I dont think art will dissapear artist will be creating art no matter if they get wealty and famous. That said – streaming kills the idear of albums, we are getting back to “singles” absolutely not great – And the “better” or “cleaner” and easier the editing and mixing gets the more boring and sterile everything sounds.

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    • Thank you very much for your reply! Yes, artist will always be creating music, no matter what. And yes, you’re right about the mixing and editing.


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