Where to buy music?


A lot of people read my latest album reviews with joy, and I can’t thank my readers enough! Most of them also want to buy a physical copy of the album I reviewed, and I found out that a lot of people are buying from the large internet shops like Amazon. Of course, it’s the easiest way to buy, and sometimes cheaper than buying a copy in a physical store… But think about it, do those big web stores really need your money? Here are some tips from your roving reporter about buying music!

Tip 1: Buy directly from the artist/band.

I’m sure your favourite artist/band has a website, or at least a Facebook page. Most of the time, bands sell their music via their personal Bandcamp page. Some bands also sell physical copies like CDs and vinyl through their Bandcamp page or website! Yes, maybe the shipping costs are higher than Amazon’s shipping costs, but you know that most of the money goes to the artist/band itself instead of the big shop (that has enough money already anyway). You really want that your favourite artist/band will keep on making more music, and having direct contact with the artist/band is a lot more fun as well, right? Make that artist/band happy, even though you have to pay a little more. Sometimes the artist/band will give you something extra in your package, like a sticker, personal letter etc. If the artist/band doesn’t have their own webshop or Bandcamp page, I’m sure they have a ‘contact’ page where you can contact the artist/band personally, and ask them where it’s best to buy their music!

Tip 2: Buy it at the merch stand.

Is the artist/band going to tour nearby? Great! That means they probably have a merch stand too! Pros: No shipping costs, no waiting for the package, just buy and go! Cons: When the band has a lot of merch they probably can’t take all the merch with them, so it could be that there are only several albums or shirts available. Don’t be disappointed, when you ask the merch stand bloke/lady if they have something that you can’t find at the merch stand, they’re happy to help. Maybe they can’t display all they have and still have what you’re looking for, and if they still don’t have it they can tell you where you can buy it. When you show interest, they will probably recognize you the next time you will watch the band. Maybe they’ve thought about you and finally brought along the album/shirt you were looking for!

Tip 3: An independent record store.

Yes, they still exist! We lost a lot of record stores because of the internet shops and department stores, but there are still some shops out there that are selling CDs and vinyl. The people who work at the record store are always willing to help, give you advice, and might even give you a cup of coffee! If they don’t have what you’re looking for they can probably order it for you. Yes, it’s also possible that they ask more money than Amazon, but you help both the artist/band and the independent shop, so it’s actually a win-win! And besides, it’s more fun to talk/discuss to a person in real life about your favourite music than to watch a computer screen and do some random clicks on reviews (… oops, did I just really say that? Well, anyway, I hope you still like to read my reviews of course!).

Tip 4: An independent internet record store.

Yes, you have those too! If you really don’t want to go out (or can’t go out) and search for a physical record store, then it’s best to still buy your music at an independent/small internet record store. A good example where you can buy splendid music on both CD and vinyl is Burning Shed. They ship to a lot of countries and have a lot of interesting stuff! I’m sure there are a lot more interesting internet record stores out there, but I always try to buy my stuff at physical record stores, now they still exist.

Do you have an extra tip? Feel free to contact me. Comment in the comment section below, or message me on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ (you can find the contact details on the left side of the page)!

A big hug from your roving reporter,

Iris, aka Ier!

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4 thoughts on “Where to buy music?

  1. Mike Reiss

    I think prog fans should consider buying from independent prog vendors such as synphonic, laser’s edge, wayside(cuneiform)and kinesis. These guys sell the latest prog releases plus also older stuff(well known and obscure). I think buying from them is a great way to support the scene. I do agree it’s a good idea to buy from the artist directly when possible too but for many of the older obscure bands that’s not an option especially if they are no longer around.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For me, even though I buy stuff at times from Amazon, I have to support the little guy. The first site I remember buying obscure prog gems was back in 2006 from Doug Larson Imports and then Laser’s Edge in 2008.

    Buying from the vendors online including Laser’s Edge, Kinesis, and Syn-Phonic Music to name a few, have been my go-to sites when it comes to Prog gems or up-and-coming bands.

    Because it’s not just about the money, it’s about the supporting these sites and getting the word out about what’s what. And why they are good to check out from bands/artists.

    Liked by 1 person

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