Roving reporter’s latest news, before the midlife crisis kicks in!


Hey hey! ‘sme with some news! Let’s look back on what I’ve done last week…

I wrote a story about my introduction to the music of the band Amplifier (which you can read here), interviewed David Snape for a new show (and I still have no clue what kind of name it should need, haha), posted a playlist (which you can read here), and published an album review of Nine Stones Close‘s latest album Leaves (which you can read here).

Last Friday I went to see the band Mäläskä perform at De Hommel in Vlaardingen. It was a wonderful performance! I will post my gig review soon (including pics I took), and I also had the honour to interview both band members.

I wrote a small story about a project named Darkroom, which you can read here. They will be playing on Eppyfest (UK) in 2 weeks (July 16th), so please check them out there my dear UK friends!

Yesterday my interviews with Roine Stolt and John Myung were aired on House of Prog. If you haven’t heard the interviews yet, you can listen to them here (or scroll down in this post where you can find the Mixcloud link).

What to expect this week? Well, it’s your roving reporter’s birthday this Wednesday (July 6th)!! Yay!! I will be turning 27… Just in time for a midlife crisis, don’t you think? Of course, I do have plenty of birthday wishes. I would love to get a tattoo (I want one for years, but those things are expensive!), or to start drumming (would love to try it, at least)… But for now those will only be wishes of course! No worries, I won’t be spending donation money on tattoos or drumkits! Keep an eye on the page for more news!

Bye for now, and a big hug as always!

Iris, aka Ier!

PS: You can listen to the interviews with Roine Stolt and John Myung here:

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5 thoughts on “Roving reporter’s latest news, before the midlife crisis kicks in!

  1. Midlife crisis!?!?!?!!?!?!!? At 27??!?!?!!?!?!!? Lady Ier!!!!!! NO SUCH THING!!!!! I will ehar none of that silliness all the way over here in Canada! PISHPOSH! 27…… that’s not midlife crisis age! 72 maybe lol You’re awesome and doing all kinds of things and Wednesday is a celebration of you becomming you! So no midlife silliness here just an upcoming bday that you will most definitely enjoy! XOXOX

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