Personal Playlist by Iris (13 July 2016)


It has been a while since my latest playlist… So I decided to make a new one while I’m busy writing reviews for Background Magazine (which will be published soon on their website, and mine as well). Here’s a short list of albums I’ve been listening to lately…

a3072284168_10Let’s start with 7sleepers! A very beautiful album made by a very interesting person. I will interview that person tomorrow, and I’m really curious what he has to say and how he has recorded this album! What kind of music is it, you may ask? Click on the band name and go listen for yourself on the website!


a2484682242_10Elif Yalvaç released a fantastic album named Cloudscapes. A lovely mixture of ambient, electronic and experimental music. I interviewed her along with Michael Bearpark (no-man, Tim Bowness, Darkroom) a couple of days ago, and we had a very interesting discussion. You will hear the interview soon, so please keep an eye on the page!


Farmhouse-Odyssey-Rise-of-the-Waterfowl-Album-Art-e1465242446349Farmhouse Odyssey released an album named Rise Of The Waterfowl. A beautiful mixture of fusion, progressive rock and experimental folk, and also having a summery vibe surrounding the complete album. I’m busy writing a review for this album, so please keep an eye on the page!


Il_2016Iamthemorning also released a great album named Lighthouse. This wonderful duo surrounded themselves with well known musicians, making this album a real treat! A good mix of prog, classical an folk music. I just wrote a review for this album, which will soon be published!


moonboundalbumA band I just discovered while listening to ISKC Radio is Moondbound. I was very intrigued when I heard the track Almighty Game. Some of the tracks remind me like it could have been written for Peter Gabriel‘s album So. I included the Youtube clip of my favourite track from Moonbound‘s album Uncomfortable News From The Moon, go check it out:

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