Your roving reporter has a question for you!


Hey hey my dear friends, followers, readers and listeners! I have a question for you! It seems like a lot of people like to read my Personal Playlists, sometimes I get way more views on them than my regular album reviews… So I’m thinking, what do you actually prefer to see on my webpage? More playlists for example? Or do you want to see some other things I haven’t come up with yet? Do you like what I post so far when it comes to reviews, interviews and other (blog)posts? Do you think I post too much, or too little of something? Please let me know. Feel free to give me tips, advice, ice-cream and cookies!

Big big hugs, as always!

Your roving reporter (with a new hat, which I got for my birthday!)


8 thoughts on “Your roving reporter has a question for you!

  1. I love your album reviews and interviews Lady Ier ! The playlists thing is cool too and more like the cheese on top of a burger, added goodness! Like me you discover new bands and new people to talk about their craft and the Prog genre so that is very important and keeps the genre’s word of mouth trait going. Your playlists thing I find more fun and intriguing about what you like which is also inviting to discover new bands for me but when you do an album review you get to dig in to the actual album and see what makes it tick ya know? It’s all good facets that you bring to the blog and I say keep it all up if possible! : )

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  2. You forget you’re in the social media generation! You have to have instant gratification or most people will check out. Remember you’re dealing with music listeners, not fellow journalists! Keep up what you do, you do wonderful work – but keep in mind people consume the Internet in different ways.

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  3. What you have to watch out for is what Ian Beabout saying to you. Make sure you deal with the Music Listeners. And you are doing a wonderful job on what you’re doing.

    Don’t let the Trolls come to you. I had to deal with them a few times. And you know what I do, I push through. Just keep on doing what you are doing and push through.

    And I really enjoy the reviews, interviews, and the choice of playlist that you would pick.

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