My official statement on leaving House of Prog Radio


Hi my dear friends, followers and mainly listeners. I have some sad news.

I’m sorry my dears, but it looks like I’m not part of House of Prog anymore. Also very sad to see that didn’t make an official statement on the website, or at least a small post in the House of Prog group page with a message about why I ‘left’ the station. So sad that it has to be this way that House of Prog refuses to make an official statement, but it’s their choice not to do so.

Here’s my official statement: There were some struggles about the way the station and music gets promoted, and I gave my opinion about certain things. Sadly, my opinion triggered some people to feel very offended, which was not my intention.

No worries, I’m doing fine. I’m enjoying my break at the moment, and will continue making wonderful shows and doing interviews, probably for another radio station or website, and always for this one of course!

I want to thank everyone at House of Prog for the lovely years, they still do a great job and I will miss working together of course, it’s just time for me to move on and to grow further!

Big hugs, from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!

8 thoughts on “My official statement on leaving House of Prog Radio

  1. eric peters

    Sorry to hear that Iris, i think they have lost a great talent.
    Your shows with all those great interviews are unique so I hope you’ll soon find another station to prog on 😉
    Big Hug !!!

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  2. You’ve always got my support Lady Ier ! Their loss and your gain to go about your thing and another station will pick you up and you will move on to bigger and better things for sure! That’s unfortunate that they were so closed minded about listening to your opinions and were “offended”, I think it was more that they were just upset that you have a brain!

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