My introduction to IQ


Another introduction story again. I have discovered so many bands through different ways (and not the usual “Hey, listen to this” happenings), so I thought that it’s fun to share those stories with you! Today’s story is about the band IQ!

It was June 2010… My then boyfriend and I were only living together for a few months. He is (well, I think he still is) a fan of the band IQ. He bought tickets for their concert at the Boerderij Zoetermeer (The Netherlands). It was not just a regular IQ gig, they would play their album The Wake in its entirety because that album would be 25 years old that year. A few days before the gig (June 19th), my boyfriend broke up with me. I was devastated by the breakup (for a few days, not too long luckily), and I had to find a new home of course (which I found a few weeks later).

Still, we had those tickets for IQ, because we supposed to go together. I never gave IQ my full attention, I heard some tracks here and there, but never really gave them a good spin. My ‘fresh’ ex gave both tickets to me, because he wasn’t really interested in going anyway (or, probably feeling guilty about the breakup, and gave me both tickets to make me feel a little bit better). First, I was thinking of giving them away to someone else, but I thought “Why not going anyway? There’s probably a friend of mine who would like to come with me”… And indeed, a friend of mine (who never heard about the band IQ) was interested! I could sleep at his place the evening after the gig, because he lived close to the venue, which was very nice of him.

So, there we were. Two people who barely heard a note of IQ, standing in the middle of the venue, with a drink, and no clue what to expect. When the band members came on stage the audience was going bonkers, which was fun to watch. “Wow, this band has a dedicated audience” I thought. The gentlemen immediately kicked off with The Wake in its entirety, as promised!

… HOLY SH*T!! WHY HAVEN’T I DISCOVERED THIS BAND BEFORE???!!!?!?!! WOW! THOSE GUYS ARE AMAZING! Both my friend and I were ‘jaw dropped’. This band knows how to entertain an audience live on stage! They played very good, and we were also intrigued by Pete Nicholls his voice and stage performance. The band members have tons of humour too, which was fun to watch.

After the gig my friend and I stayed in the venue to hang around and discuss some subjects, and we talked mostly about the amazing gig we just saw. After some minutes we were ready to go… But suddenly, a man walked towards us, shook our hands and asked if we enjoyed the gig. That man was the one and only Mike Holmes himself! We were both flabbergasted so we didn’t came further than “Eeh, eehh, eeeh, great, yeah, superb, eeh, yeah, eeeh, awesome!”. Mike smiled, said goodbye to us and went on greeting other people in the venue.

When we left the venue we still had no idea what really happened to us…

A big hug from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!

PS: I’m very sorry, but I haven’t found my concert ticket (yet), or else I would have put a pic of that ticket in this post.

PSPS: I interviewed the band in December 2015! You can listen to the interview here:

PSPSPS: You can read my gig review of IQ’s Christmas Bash 2015 here:

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6 thoughts on “My introduction to IQ

  1. They’re super talented but I could never get my head in to them, glad you have discovered some new stuff to dig on Lady Ier ! Maybe it’s time I give them another listen to and see what happens, times have changed and tastes can too so you never know eh?! As always, awesome stuff Lady Ier !

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