Just me with a small update again!


Hey hey! I actually wanted to post a brand new album review today, but I found out that today is also the last day to update Windows to Windows 10! … So yeah, I’m actually busy trying to get Windows 10 on my PC. I thought it would be very simple, but my computer is not really cooperating at the moment (grrrr)!

Well, what I do have to say is that you REALLY SHOULD NOT FORGET to tune in tomorrow for my VERY FIRST SHOW on ISKC Rock Radio! The interviews you will hear are with Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson, Miles Davis), and a duo interview with Michael Bearpark (Darkroom, Tim Bowness, no-man) and Elif Yalvaç (Cloudscapes). The show starts at 9 PM CET (which is 3 PM EDT, 12 PM PDT, 8 PM UK Time). There’s also a chat room that you can join here, and I will be there too of course!

I also made an event page for it on Facebook, go click on the link for more info (and don’t forget to click on ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’, so that you will get a notification an hour before the show starts): https://www.facebook.com/events/1568487020119639/

A big hug from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!

Backstage sho2w event banner

Backstage show2

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