A question for my lovely followers again!


Hey! ‘sme again! I have another question for you my dears! A lot of people are always interested in my interviews, reviews and playlists (thank you thank you thank you)! Some say that my reviews are on the short side, and some say that my reviews have the good length.

I prefer short-ish reviews, if a review takes more than 3 minutes for me to read I mostly ‘scan’ the most important parts of the review. Still, if there’s a need for longer reviews from me (more than 1000 words), and the need to go deeper into certain objects of the album, please let me know!

By the way, don’t forget to tune in to my show tomorrow on ISKC Rock Radio where you can catch my interview with Robin Wylie of 7sleepers (more information can be found here)!

A big hug from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!

PS: I made a new friend today! Isn’t my new friend cute?


5 thoughts on “A question for my lovely followers again!

    • Yes! I listened to it. 🙂 It’s good music! I don’t know if I have time to review it, I have 40 albums that also still need to reviewed at the moment.


  1. Lady Ier! you do your reviews as you see fit. It’s how you wish to conduct them and post them. If people find them too short then they can always source another one somewhere else to obtain the necessary info they require to satisfy themselves but if your interviews and reviews are short because you cut to the chase and get the important stuff then that’s all it takes. Like my reviews of albums…. Sure they are lengthy but like Roger Waters and David Gilmour said in an interview once about being questioned about writing long songs, (something like this) “We don’t set out to write a 15minute song, if a song needs it it gets it.” So if the review or interview is 3 minutes and you have all you need then there you go and on the other hand if it goes on for 5 minutes then it obviously required that extra time so you do what YOU feel is right and necessary to get your point across. ‘Nuff said lol XO

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