Announcement: Backstage with Iris! Interview with 7sleepers & VOLA!


This Saturday (August 13th) at “Backstage with Iris” on ISKC Rock Radio:

Part II of the interview with Robin Wylie of 7sleepers, and an interview with Asger Mygind of VOLA!

Iris interviewed the multi-talented artist Robin Wylie, who made a wonderful album under the name 7sleepers, back in 2015. “Seven songs about 7 that might put you to sleep”, according to sir Wylie himself. You will hear part II of the interview, and in between the interview parts you will hear tracks from the 7sleepers album and Robin’s personal picks! There’s still a chance to win a free CD of the 7sleepers album! Enter the chat room to win!

After the interview with Robin Wylie you will hear the interview with Asger Mygind from the band VOLA. Iris and Asger talk about the (re)release of their debut album named Inmazes, how they recorded their album and a possible tour! You will hear tracks from the band VOLA before and after the interview.

You don’t want to miss this show!

Show starts at 9 PM CET – 8 PM UK TIME – 3 PM EDT – 12 PM PDT

I also made an event page for it on Facebook, go click on the link for more info (and don’t forget to click on ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’, so that you will get a notification an hour before the show starts):

Enter the chat room here:
There will be random questions asked by Robin in the chat room. The ones who get the answers right win a CD of 7sleepers!

More information about 7sleepers:

More information about VOLA:

Listening Link 192 kbps:
Listening Link 320 kbps:
Email us at:

Missed the show? No worries, I will upload it afterwards on Mixcloud and here on my website!

Don’t forget to tune in for Lucas’ Metal show before mine, which starts at 6 PM CET (12 PM EDT)!

You can read my album review of 7sleepers here:

Backstage sho2w event banner 2222 Vola

Backstage show2

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