So this was August 2016… WTF happened?!!


Please don’t tell me it’s going to be the September tomorrow… Ah crap, it will! Anyway, let’s tell you guys what happened in the month August! 

The month August was the month filled with computer problems… AGAIN! But thanks to a lot of help from a very certain person and patience I finally got back on track! Despite the computer problems I still managed to post a lot of interesting stuff! Check out what I published in the month August here down below!

Album reviews:

Trond Øie – Expectations

Honourable Mention: Big Big Train – Folklore

Beyond God – A Moment Of Black

Must Have Album: TILT – Hinterland

Crashride – Crashride

Steve Thorne – Island Of The Imbeciles

Circle Unbroken – Vincere



Interview with Robin Wylie of 7sleepers (part I)

Interview with Robin Wylie of 7sleepers (part II) and interview with Asger Mygind of VOLA

Interview with Darrel Treece-Birch


Other interesting stuff:

Alan Legge’s challenge to raise awareness of veteran and civilian suicide rates through PTSD

Personal Playlist by Iris (26 August 2016)


Thank you very much for reading and listening, and let the month September begin! Want to know what I’m up to? Go check it out in my latest personal blog post here:

A big hug and also a big August kiss!

Iris, aka Ier!

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