Announcement: Backstage with Iris! Interview with Sand Snowman (Part II)


This Saturday (September 17th) at “Backstage with Iris” on ISKC Rock Radio:

Interview with Sand Snowman, part 2!

Gavan Kearney made a lot of beautiful albums under the name Sand Snowman. He’s also an artist who makes wonderful artwork. Iris and Gavan talk about his music, his favourite artists, life and more! Don’t forget to join the chat room:

Not just your regular interview, but a very funny, interesting interview with an amazing artist! You don’t want to miss this! In between the interview parts you will hear music from Sand Snowman!

Show starts at 9 PM CET – 8 PM UK TIME – 3 PM EDT – 12 PM PDT*

I also made an event page for it on Facebook, go click on the link for more info (and don’t forget to click on ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’, so that you will get a notification an hour before the show starts):

More information about Sand Snowman:

Listening Link 192 kbps:
Listening Link 320 kbps:

Missed the show? No worries, I will upload it afterwards on Mixcloud and this website!

Don’t forget to tune in for Lucas’ Metal show before mine, which starts at 6 PM CET (12 PM EDT)!

(* Yes, show starts exactly at that time, so if you don’t want to miss the first part of the interview, please tune in on time!)

PS, you can listen to the first part here:

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