Backstage with Iris! Interviews with Adam Holzman, Michael Bearpark & Elif Yalvaç!


The very first episode of Backstage with Iris!

The interviews you will hear are with Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson, Miles Davis), and a duo interview with Michael Bearpark (Darkroom,Tim Bowness, no-man) and Elif Yalvaç (Cloudscapes).

You can listen to the show here (NOTE: this Mixcloud link is NOT the end of the post, please scroll down for more news):


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Interviews with Roine Stolt and John Myung on Purple Flower Progressive Hour!


Interview with Roine Stolt (Anderson/Stolt, The Flower Kings) and John Myung (Dream Theater, The Jelly Jam)!  Continue reading

Iris interviews: Adrian Jones of Nine Stones Close for Proglodytes!


My first video interview for Proglodytes! I interviewed Adrian Jones of Nine Stones Close in his own studio in The Netherlands! Go check it out!

More information about Nine Stones Close:

Go check out Proglodytes for more interesting videos, interviews and reviews:

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Iris interviews: John Myung (The Jelly Jam, Dream Theater)


Written interview!

Everybody knows that John Myung is the bassist of the well-known progressive metal band Dream Theater, but John is also involved in another project, named The Jelly Jam. This super group has Rod Morgenstein of Winger and The Dixie Dregs on drums, and Ty Tabor of King’s X on lead vocals and guitar. I spoke with John about their latest studio album named Prophet/Profit, which was released in May 2016 (you can read my review of this album here). I had the honour to interview John Myung in May via Skype. Continue reading

David Snape interviews your roving reporter Iris!


What? Someone that interviewed Iris instead of the other way ’round? David Snape of David Snape and Friends interviewed me last week for his show named The David Snape Show! I really enjoyed our interview and can’t thank David enough for doing this!

We talked about my work as a roving reporter, the local music scene, why I need donation money to continue my work, and how I think about life!

You can listen to the complete show here! You can hear the interview with me at 1:32:10! Don’t forget to follow David Snape on his webpage and Mixcloud, he’s a wonderful bloke!

Interviews with Nick Barrett (Pendragon) & John Young (Lifesigns) on Purple Flower Progressive Hour


Not one, but two interviews! I interviewed Nick Barrett of Pendragon and John Young of Lifesigns right before their gig in May at Boerderij Zoetermeer, The Netherlands! Continue reading

Iris interviews: Jem Godfrey (Frost*)


Written interview with Jem Godfrey (if you prefer to listen to the interview instead of reading it, click here).

Jem Godfrey established the band Frost* in 2004. The band released two studio albums, several live albums and is about to release their third studio album named Falling Satellites, which will be released in May 2016. There are eight years between Frost*’s second studio album Experiments In Mass Appeal (2008) and Falling Satellites. In the meantime Frost* had some line-up changes, but their latest line-up already consists for six years. I interviewed Jem Godfrey via Skype on 28 April, 2016. We talked about Falling Satellites, the story behind this album, Jem’s influences, and how Steven Wilson ‘stole’ drummer Craig Blundell for his tour. Continue reading