Trond Øie – Expectations (2015)


Oh yes, I had expectations for this album! I never heard of artist Trond Øie before, and this album Expectations seems to be his solo debut. The sleeve looks very good and I really like the artwork that is used. The album is on the short side-only four tracks making the album 25 minutes long, so it’s more of an EP. The music is OK, but there’s not really something happening. It’s more straight rock than progressive rock. The drums are straightforward, the guitars, bass and keyboard parts are simple. Continue reading


Farmhouse Odyssey – Rise Of The Waterfowl (2016)


This is one of the bands who actually discovered me through my review work, and asked me if I was interested in writing an album review for their second album named Rise Of The Waterfowl. This was a though album to review, because these gentlemen made something quite brilliant. I love the album sleeve, the bright colours and the psychedelic look of it makes me curious… And the music fits the album artwork! Continue reading

Roving reporter exciting news!


Hey! Missed me? I haven’t posted some stuff in the last two days because I enjoyed the weather and also had a lovely time with friends yesterday. Now I’m busy again, writing some reviews for Background Magazine. Some reviews are also waiting to be published, and when they are I will post them here on my website too!

Now, time for some exciting news! My first, and also brand new show will be broadcast this Saturday (July 30th) on ISKC Rock Radio, at 9 PM CET (3 PM EDT)! It’s called Backstage with Iris, and contains the usual interviews and music, just like Purple Flower Progressive Hour. The interviews you will hear this Saturday are with Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson, Miles Davis), and a duo interview with Michael Bearpark (Darkroom, Tim Bowness, no-man) and Elif Yalvaç (Cloudscapes).

No worries, Purple Flower Progressive Hour will still exist, but probably as a ‘music only’ show. I’m also busy with another show named Beyond Backstage (with Iris), where you can hear interviews with people who do music-related stuff but aren’t artists. Yes, your roving reporter is pretty busy!

Well, that was it for now! Please keep an eye on the page for more exciting news! A big hug, as always!

Iris, aka Ier!

Backstage sho2w22




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Adam Holzman, Live at De Twee Spieghels Leiden, 7 July 2016


Steven Wilson and band were going to perform on North Sea Jazz Festival The Netherlands on the 9th of July, but keyboardist/pianist Adam Holzman had arrived a few days earlier and was actually looking to do a solo performance somewhere in the area. Arne van Os van den Abeelen and Monica Scheepers made it possible that he could do a performance at a Jazz café named De Twee Spieghels in Leiden. I’ve never been to that café before, and have never seen Adam perform solo, so this would be something completely new for me. I did not know what to expect, so I was very curious. Continue reading

Iamthemorning – Lighthouse (2016)


Lighthouse is the third studio album by duo Gleb Kolyadin (piano, keyboards), and Marjana Semkina (vocals), better known as Iamthemorning. A very good duo in my opinion, both are very skilled. Some great guest musicians are contributing on this album, including two members of Porcupine Tree. Colin Edwin provides the bass and Gavin Harrison the drums and percussion. Mariusz Duda (Riverside, Lunatic Soul) provides additional vocals on the title track Lighthouse. The album itself is a concept album about a woman fighting against the progression of a mental illness. I had no idea what to expect of this album, even though I’ve seen them perform live once as an opener band for Gazpacho (you can read my review of that gig here). Sometimes the musical compositions do remind me of that band. It’s a mixture of different music styles and genres, like folk and jazz. Some of the compositions lean towards classical music. The music sounds very good, and has its dynamic moments. Continue reading

Personal Playlist by Iris (13 July 2016)


It has been a while since my latest playlist… So I decided to make a new one while I’m busy writing reviews for Background Magazine (which will be published soon on their website, and mine as well). Here’s a short list of albums I’ve been listening to lately… Continue reading