Personal Playlist by Iris (26 August 2016)


My latest playlist was last month, so it’s time for a new one! This playlist also contains some FREE music downloads, yippehyayeeeh! Here are some albums I’m listening to lately… Continue reading


Where to buy music?


A lot of people read my latest album reviews with joy, and I can’t thank my readers enough! Most of them also want to buy a physical copy of the album I reviewed, and I found out that a lot of people are buying from the large internet shops like Amazon. Of course, it’s the easiest way to buy, and sometimes cheaper than buying a copy in a physical store… But think about it, do those big web stores really need your money? Here are some tips from your roving reporter about buying music! Continue reading

So this is February 2016… (And a lot happened so far)


Wow! This is a very strange month so far. A lot has happened… A lot of good things, but sadly also bad things…  Continue reading

Big Big Train – Wassail (2015)


Big Big Train are a band that exists for quite a while (more than 25 years), yet not many progressive rock fans are aware that this band exists, or think that they are a young new band that just started. I have to admit that I was wrong as well, I thought that Big Big Train are a band that just started making incredible music, but they are actually too ‘experienced’ to be a new band. This band deserves a bigger audience than they have now in my opinion.

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