Iamthemorning – Lighthouse (2016)


Lighthouse is the third studio album by duo Gleb Kolyadin (piano, keyboards), and Marjana Semkina (vocals), better known as Iamthemorning. A very good duo in my opinion, both are very skilled. Some great guest musicians are contributing on this album, including two members of Porcupine Tree. Colin Edwin provides the bass and Gavin Harrison the drums and percussion. Mariusz Duda (Riverside, Lunatic Soul) provides additional vocals on the title track Lighthouse. The album itself is a concept album about a woman fighting against the progression of a mental illness. I had no idea what to expect of this album, even though I’ve seen them perform live once as an opener band for Gazpacho (you can read my review of that gig here). Sometimes the musical compositions do remind me of that band. It’s a mixture of different music styles and genres, like folk and jazz. Some of the compositions lean towards classical music. The music sounds very good, and has its dynamic moments. Continue reading


Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (2000)


One of my favourite Porcupine Tree albums which I spin regularly. It was the last album with Chris Maitland on drums before Gavin Harrison took over his place. This album is not as dark as Siginify, but not as poppy as Stupid Dream. I just love the album sleeve of this album, it’s beautifully done and really represents the album title. Continue reading

Top 5 no-man albums by Iris


A personal top 5 of one of my favourite band, no-man! For the people who never heard of them: it’s a band/project formed by Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson back in 1987. A band you can’t place in a certain genre because they changed their music styles and influences over the years. Want to know which albums my favourite masterpieces? Here they are!

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Porcupine Tree – Up The Downstair (1993)


Up The Downstair came out in 1993, in between the albums On The Sunday Of Life and The Sky Moves Sideways. While On The Sunday Of Life is a collection of Steven Wilson’s earlier work, Up The Downstair was the first album that was meant to be an album (at least, I think so, please correct me if I’m wrong). Continue reading

Purple Flower Progressive Hour Special Show! Interviews with Colin Edwin, Adrian Belew & LizZard!


Interviews with Colin Edwin, Adrian Belew & Lizzard! Continue reading