So this was February 2016… (And I hope I will be back soon with a working PC… DARNIT!)


First of all: Apologies again! It seems like my computer is still suffering from technical problems, which means I can’t do much when it comes to writing, reviewing and all the other stuff I would like to do and need to do to keep my work flowing. I really hope that the problems will get solved soon! Anyway, let’s continue with some good news…

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Due to technical problems I have to postpone all my activities at the moment. Sadly no reviews, interviews, shows and other stuff until further notice.
The system hard drive of my computer is broken, which means I can’t use my computer and have no access to my music, software and other important stuff I need to keep my work and website going.
Sadly my phone has problems too, which means I will have very limited access to social media (Facebook, Twitter etc). I hope I will be back soon! 🙂