So… This was July 2016… Please don’t tell me it will be August tomorrow!


Holy cra… smokes! Is it really the end of July? What happened? It looks like I just woke up from a coma, not knowing what happened over time! This summer is going way too fast for me!  Continue reading



As you may know, Grendel Headquarters isn’t the only website where you can find my latest reviews and interviews. I feel honoured to contribute/work for these websites that are on this list. Feel free to check them out (and don’t forget to bookmark them)!


Background Magazine. Critical and honest internet magazine with interesting album reviews, gig reviews and interviews:

ISKC Rock Radio. Internet radio station with several streams in high quality, interesting shows, playing the best of (progressive) rock and more:

Proglodytes. Interesting prog news, features, podcasts, reviews and more:

Progarchy. The latest (prog) news, reviews, interviews, discussions and more:


Here are some other websites of good friends/colleagues of mine! Check them out!

Angelo’s Rock Orphanage. The latest reviews, interviews and blog posts by Angelo Hulshout:

Esther’s Rock Blog. The latest reviews and interviews by Esther Kessel-Tamerus (both in Dutch and in English):

Music From The Other Side Of The Room. The latest reviews by Zachary Nathanson:

Prog Rock Deep Cuts. Radio shows and interviews by Ian Beabout and co-host Mike Lieto:

Progressivelyso. The latest reviews by Duke, aka Prog Beawr:

David Snape & Friends. Radio shows, interviews, and more by David Snape and guest writers:

News about a new (interview) show!


Hey hey, ‘sme with some news again! I just interviewed David Snape of David Snape & Friends, who interviewed me recently for his own show as well (you can listen to the complete show and interview here). We had a lovely talk about his favourite music, why he has a blog page, does a radio show and lots more! This will not be for Purple Flower Progressive Hour, but for a brand new interview show I’m busy with. A show where I will be interviewing people who aren’t artists, but people who are doing music-related stuff and more. I’m still thinking about a name and possible format, so if anyone has some ideas and advice, feel free to message me!

That was it for now, a big hug and stay tuned!

Iris, aka Ier!

Roving reporter news again!


Hey hey, ‘sme with some updates! Let’s start with some stuff that I did the last week… Continue reading

David Snape interviews your roving reporter Iris!


What? Someone that interviewed Iris instead of the other way ’round? David Snape of David Snape and Friends interviewed me last week for his show named The David Snape Show! I really enjoyed our interview and can’t thank David enough for doing this!

We talked about my work as a roving reporter, the local music scene, why I need donation money to continue my work, and how I think about life!

You can listen to the complete show here! You can hear the interview with me at 1:32:10! Don’t forget to follow David Snape on his webpage and Mixcloud, he’s a wonderful bloke!

An update from your shaving reporter! Interviews, interviews and more interviews!


Yay! Time for my Sunday blog post again! I have so much news, I hope I don’t forget some important things I would like to share with you guys… Continue reading