The weird world of music…


Ok, this is not my usual Sunday blog post (maybe I will make one later on, I don’t know), but this post is a bit on the ‘heavier’ side than usual. Everybody knows that the music industry has changed. Good things happened, it’s now more easier to publish music on your own via the interwebs for example… But it can also be a major downside too… Continue reading


Fractal Mirror – Slow Burn 1 (2016)


First of all, my apologies! I’m a bit on the late side with this one, but this album was really worth to review! I interviewed Ed van Haagen in April (and you can listen to the interview here), and we discussed a lot about the new album. Continue reading

Purple Flower Progressive Hour Music Only Try Out Show!


Not the regular Purple Flower show you’re used to, but one containing only music (and me, waffling some weird things in between the tracks). Continue reading