Oh hey! A website where you can compile your own top 20 albums!


Yay! A website where you can compile/arrange your own top 20 album list! What a cool thing! I probably forgot a lot of awesome pearls in my list, but I’m very proud of this one!

Check out my top 20 here (and you can compile your own list there too): https://www.20albums.com/list/5736524b60941?1463177803


Short Album Review: Genesis – Calling All Stations (1997)


Everybody’s talking about which lead vocalist did a better job for Genesis and which ‘era’ made the best Genesis music. You have the die-hard Peter Gabriel lovers who claim that Genesis was at their best back then, and you have the Phil Collins supporters who say that Phil era made better and more accessible music… And then you have me, the Ray Wilson fan! Yes, even some people who presume they’re a ‘Genesis fan’ totally forgot that the last album Genesis made was not a Phil Collins album at all, but an album with Ray Wilson. Continue reading

Anthony Phillips – Private Parts & Pieces I – IV (2015 5-CD Deluxe Clamshell Box Set)


Anthony Phillips is mostly known as the former guitarist of the band Genesis. Anthony left Genesis after their second studio album Trespass, making Steve Hackett his successor. After Genesis mister Phillips made a lot of solo albums and also collaborated with other musicians and made guest appearances on different albums from well-known artists like Mike Rutherford and even Steve Hackett. While making different studio albums, Anthony also released collections of (mostly) instrumental music named Private Parts & Pieces. Almost all tracks are written, composed and played by Anthony himself. Some of the tracks are recorded at home and some are recorded in different kinds of studios or other places. There are also demo tracks that were meant for other albums or collaborations but were never officially released. Continue reading

GTR – GTR (2015 special deluxe 2-disc edition)


GTR were a special, and sadly short-lived, super group between guitarists Steve Howe (Yes, Asia) and Steve Hackett (Genesis). Additional members are Max Bacon on vocals, Phil Spalding on bass guitar and Jonathan Mover on drums. Additional keyboards and synthesizers are provided by Hackett and Howe. The original GTR album was released back in 1986. This year Esoteric Recordings released a special 2-disc edition. The first CD contains the original album, including three bonus tracks, all digitally remastered. The second CD contains a live recording of the band performing live in Los Angeles on July 1986. Continue reading

Ray Wilson Live At The Boerderij, Zoetermeer, 7 November 2015


I had the honour to interview Ray Wilson right before his gig (you can listen to the interview here). It was one of the longest interviews I ever had, he really took the time to give answers to my questions. A very lovely and sweet guy! He told me he was going to play a lot of Genesis tracks (of course, it’s called the Genesis Classics tour), but also music from his other bands and solo work.

Continue reading