Circle Unbroken – Vincere (2016)


A debut album from a Belgian female fronted gothic metal band. A tough genre to stand out from the crowd, because there are tons of female fronted metal bands out there (you can read another review of a female fronted metal band here). Most of the tracks on Vincere are quite up tempo, and are around three or four minutes long. The album itself lasts forty minutes, so it’s not a long album. Continue reading


Beyond God – A Moment Of Black (2016)


Let’s start this review with the album sleeve. The artwork is very cool and makes me curious. It does give hints that it’s probably progressive or symphonic metal. It is the debut album of a Dutch band named Beyond God, which is a female fronted metal band. I’m not a big fan of female fronted metal, because there are sadly a lot of bands who try to copy each other in this genre. The usual guitar riffs, orchestral bits and pieces, and don’t forget the huge, dark, swaying dresses (and the occasional bats)! Continue reading