My official statement on leaving House of Prog Radio


Hi my dear friends, followers and mainly listeners. I have some sad news.

I’m sorry my dears, but it looks like I’m not part of House of Prog anymore. Also very sad to see that didn’t make an official statement on the website, or at least a small post in the House of Prog group page with a message about why I ‘left’ the station. So sad that it has to be this way that House of Prog refuses to make an official statement, but it’s their choice not to do so.

Here’s my official statement: There were some struggles about the way the station and music gets promoted, and I gave my opinion about certain things. Sadly, my opinion triggered some people to feel very offended, which was not my intention.

No worries, I’m doing fine. I’m enjoying my break at the moment, and will continue making wonderful shows and doing interviews, probably for another radio station or website, and always for this one of course!

I want to thank everyone at House of Prog for the lovely years, they still do a great job and I will miss working together of course, it’s just time for me to move on and to grow further!

Big hugs, from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!

Announcement: Interviews with Mäläskä, Ashby & Profuna Ocean on Purple Flower Progressive Hour!


This Sunday (10 July) you will hear three interviews during this show!! I interviewed the band Mäläskä after their gig at De Hommel in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, in July 2016. We talked about their new tour, debut album and more!

I interviewed the bands Ashby and Profuna Ocean right before their gig at Progcity festival in May 2016. You really don’t want to miss this!

After this show you will hear a rerun of the Purple Flower show containing the interviews with Roine Stolt and John Myung, so please stay tuned!

Tune in at and join us in chat! You can make your own House of Prog account or use your Facebook/Twitter account to join the chatroom!

Show starts 3 PM Eastern Time – 9 PM Central European Time – 8 PM UK Time

You can find more information about the show here: Continue reading

Mäläskä, Live at De Hommel Vlaardingen, 1 July 2016


A brand new band/project, established in 2016, doing their first (mini) European tour… That must be something to look out for! The band members Remy Stroomer and Petter Janse are far from unexperienced, they have worked wonderful together a couple of times before in a project named Free Arts Lab, which is also still active. Mäläskä’s debut album Uncle Jim’s Cidney Factory was just released before their tour started, and I had the honour to see them at music pub De Hommel in Vlaardingen. They told me it was going to be an evening completely based on improvisation, which made me very curious! Continue reading

Interviews with Roine Stolt and John Myung on Purple Flower Progressive Hour!


Interview with Roine Stolt (Anderson/Stolt, The Flower Kings) and John Myung (Dream Theater, The Jelly Jam)!  Continue reading

Nine Stones Close – Leaves (2016)


This is a tough album to review. Not because it’s not my taste or that it isn’t good, but this is an album that demands your full attention and needs quite a few spins. There’s a lot happening in the music, even though most of the music is mostly on the calm and serene side. Continue reading

Anima Mundi, Live at Musicon Den Haag, 18 June 2016


This would be the first time I would see the band Anima Mundi perform, so I was really curious how the band would play live. I arrived an hour before the gig would start, and the band was still busy with their sound check. Sadly there were big problems during the sound check because of technical difficulties that couldn’t be solved correctly, so there was a big chance that the sound would cause some trouble this evening. Luckily the band members themselves did a wonderful performance, despite the technical problems with the sound. Continue reading

Hey, ‘sme again with a small update!


I write this message while charging my cameras and preparing for my interview for this evening! I’m going to interview the band Anima Mundi right before their gig at Musicon Den Haag (The Hague) this evening. I will also write a gig review of the performance and take pictures!

Tomorrow you will hear my interview with David Longdon of Big Big Train on House of Prog. Feel free to join me in the chat room of course! You can find more information about the show here. No worries if you can’t make it to the live show, I will post the interview on Mixcloud and this website the same evening!

Well, what to expect more? I’m going to interview Craig Blundell this Monday if everything goes well, and will also interview Roine Stolt later that week! Yes, you can say I’m pretty busy with interviews! Also expect more album reviews and more interviews this week, so please keep an eye on the page!

By the way, my website is getting more and more traffic over the months, which makes me very happy of course. Still, most people don’t know they can follow all my latest news by subscribing to my webpage, or to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You can find me here:

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Well, that was it for now! Need to get traveling! Big hug, as always!

Iris, aka Ier!