Pendragon & John Young, Live at the Boerderij Zoetermeer, 14 May 2016


First of all, my sincere apologies! It took some time before this one was published on the website of Background Magazine, so I had to wait until today. I hope you guys didn’t mind!

This would be the first time I would see John Young as a solo performer on stage. I’ve never seen the band Pendragon live, and I heard from several friends that they are a great band to watch. I had the honour to interview John Young and Nick Barrett right before the gig, and you can listen to the interview here. Pendragon was going to play their album The Masquerade Overture in its entirety, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this album. The venue was completely sold out, which is great news for the band, but sadly no good news for me, because I had to squeeze myself through the audience to take pictures from different angles of the venue. Luckily I managed to get some amazing shots of both John Young and Pendragon that evening.  Continue reading

Interviews with Nick Barrett (Pendragon) & John Young (Lifesigns) on Purple Flower Progressive Hour


Not one, but two interviews! I interviewed Nick Barrett of Pendragon and John Young of Lifesigns right before their gig in May at Boerderij Zoetermeer, The Netherlands! Continue reading

A small update from your roving reporter again!


Hey hey, ‘sme with an update! I will be at Progcity Festival tonight in Den Haag! Come and say hi! I’m busy charging my camera batteries, trying to finish writing some reviews and also watching some Roland Garros from time to time before I head off to Progcity.

Don’t forget to tune in at House of Prog tomorrow for my interviews I had with Nick Barrett of Pendragon and John Young of Lifesigns! Click for more info about the show here!

A big hug!

Iris, aka Ier!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Interviews with Nick Barrett (Pendragon)& John Young (Lifesigns) on Purple Flower Progressive Hour!


This Sunday (May 29) you will hear not one, but TWO interviews! I interviewed Nick Barrett of Pendragon and John Young of Lifesigns right before their gig at Boerderij Zoetermeer, The Netherlands!

Tune in at and join us in chat! You can make your own House of Prog account or use your Facebook/Twitter account to join the chatroom!

Show starts 3 PM Eastern Time – 9 PM Central European Time – 8 PM UK Time

You can find more information about the show here:
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A day in the life of your roving reporter!


Yes, time for my Sunday blog post again! Yesterday was a long day for me, roving around in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands… So I thought it would be fun to make a small report of that day, along with some photos, and even a video!  Continue reading

Your roving reporter’s first video!


VlogYes, I look awful in videos, don’t you think? 😉 Anyway, here’s my first video blog! News about my upcoming interviews, the answer on the question “Aren’t you nervous when you interview an artist?” and more! Go check it out:

The track you hear is Heartstrings from Frost*, which you can find on their latest album Falling Satellites. You can read my review about this album here.

Please let me know if you prefer written personal blog posts or videos!