Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (2000)


One of my favourite Porcupine Tree albums which I spin regularly. It was the last album with Chris Maitland on drums before Gavin Harrison took over his place. This album is not as dark as Siginify, but not as poppy as Stupid Dream. I just love the album sleeve of this album, it’s beautifully done and really represents the album title. Continue reading

My introduction to Porcupine Tree


When I was a young teenager I was into rock and metal. My favourite band was Nickelback, which I discovered back in 2001, when I was twelve years old. Of course, Nickelback is still one of my favourite bands out there, so you’re allowed to point your pitchforks at me, haha! I always had the feeling that I ‘missed’ something in the rock and metal music I listened to. It was too ‘straightforward’, while I was looking for rock music with surprising elements, a certain atmosphere and ‘more going on than the regular rock music’. Continue reading

Oh hey! A website where you can compile your own top 20 albums!


Yay! A website where you can compile/arrange your own top 20 album list! What a cool thing! I probably forgot a lot of awesome pearls in my list, but I’m very proud of this one!

Check out my top 20 here (and you can compile your own list there too): https://www.20albums.com/list/5736524b60941?1463177803