SexCake episode 10! Bizzaro world, seen from fatting satellites!


Tenth episode of SexCake! Where we celebrate DJ Mowsee‘s birthday!! DJ Mowsee and Lady K discuss the music that’s played during this episode track by track. WARNING: This show is uncensored! It contains useful (or useless) info about your favourite tracks, Timmy B NOT singing, and DJ ANGELO building an extra room above his cabin, just for DJ Mowsee and Lady K!

You will hear music from Twelve Foot Ninja, Pure Reason Revolution, Meat Beat Manifesto, Henry Fool, Amplifier, Q Omega, Everything But The Girl, Marillion, Meshuggah, Metallic Taste Of Blood, Animals As Leaders, Katatonia, The Crystal Method, and Frost*!

You can listen to the show here:

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Personal Playlist by Iris (22 September 2016)


Time for a brand new playlist again, filled with brand new music, and also one slightly older album. Go check it out!  Continue reading

Personal Playlist by Iris (9 September 2016)


Another playlist? Again? There’s so much good music out there today that I just needed to make a new playlist again! Here we go!  Continue reading

Your roving reporter is… Stressing out at the moment!


Ok, this sounds pretty desperate… Actually, I am very desperate! I just found out that reservations for the Marillion weekend 2017 in Port Zelande are today! And I don’t have enough money for the reservation costs at the moment!

So, if you guys are interested in a red Ibanez GSR bass guitar including amp, feel free to message me…

Donations are fine too. I know you probably think “Why the hell should I support you to go to the Marillion Weekend? Go bother someone else”… But still, feel free to click on the donate button.

I’m a lame roving reporter at the moment… Ugh…

Sad hugs from a sad reporter,

Iris, aka Ier…


PS: At least I’m being honest about where the money goes. I could also write a complete nonsense story about dying puppies, terrible illness or whatever…

Oh hey! A website where you can compile your own top 20 albums!


Yay! A website where you can compile/arrange your own top 20 album list! What a cool thing! I probably forgot a lot of awesome pearls in my list, but I’m very proud of this one!

Check out my top 20 here (and you can compile your own list there too):


Gazpacho – Molok (2015)


I discovered Gazpacho a couple of years ago through a friend of mine. He always played it at his home when I was visiting him. Because it was always used as ‘background music’ during our conversations I never really paid attention to the music. I appreciated the music when it got played but never thought to buy one of their albums because ‘it didn’t hit me’. I had the feeling something was missing, like a recipe that misses an ingredient, and needs a bit of extra pepper or garlic. Continue reading