Kristoffer Gildenlöw – The Rain (2016)


The Rain is the second studio album created by the multi-talented Kristoffer Gildenlöw. Kristoffer plays a lot of the instruments himself and is also assisted by wonderful musicians who collaborate on this album: Lars Erik Asp (Gazpacho) on drums, Paul Coenradie (Valentine) on guitars, Fredrik Hermansson (Pain Of Salvation) on (electric) piano, Anne Bakker (Blaze Bayley) on violin and vocals, and Maaike Peterse (Kovacs, Ayreon) on cello. There are several guest musicians contributing on the album as well, including a complete choir. Continue reading


Transport Aerian – Darkblue (2015)


Darkblue is Transport Aerian’s second studio album that has been released on Melodic Revolution Records label. This album is quite a journey when you listen to it, and it’s a very dark and haunting journey. According to the website of the label, this is “a conceptual album, which is based on the surrealist self-penned story of exile, self-isolation and love”. Artist Hamlet plays all of the instruments, lead vocals and also did the production/mixing/mastering of the album, which is very cool. Contributing artist Rachel Bauer does a lot of lead vocals and spoken words. Continue reading