Backstage with Iris! Interview with Robin Wylie (7sleepers)!


The second episode of Backstage with Iris!

Interview with Robin Wylie of 7sleepers (Part 1)!

Iris interviewed the multi-talented artist Robin Wylie, who made a wonderful album under the name 7sleepers, back in 2015. “Seven songs about 7 that might put you to sleep”, according to sir Wylie himself. Iris and Robin discuss the making of the album, the story behind the songs, and more!

You can listen to the show here:

More information about 7sleepers: Continue reading

La YnE – La Grande Illusion (2014)


Let’s start this review with a quote from the artist himself: Music is a journey, not a destination. This album is, indeed, a journey itself! La Grande Illusion is Matti ‘la Yne’ Laine’s debut album. All songs are written by Matti himself, and there are several guest musicians contributing on the album. The music is mostly instrumental. This album is dedicated to Mick Karn, one of my favourite bassist who passed away too soon. Continue reading

Richard Barbieri & Tim Bowness – Flame (1994)


Why a review about this album? Well, it’s because it’s one of my favourite albums of all time. Every time I put this album on I enjoy it in its entirety. Continue reading