News about a new (interview) show!


Hey hey, ‘sme with some news again! I just interviewed David Snape of David Snape & Friends, who interviewed me recently for his own show as well (you can listen to the complete show and interview here). We had a lovely talk about his favourite music, why he has a blog page, does a radio show and lots more! This will not be for Purple Flower Progressive Hour, but for a brand new interview show I’m busy with. A show where I will be interviewing people who aren’t artists, but people who are doing music-related stuff and more. I’m still thinking about a name and possible format, so if anyone has some ideas and advice, feel free to message me!

That was it for now, a big hug and stay tuned!

Iris, aka Ier!

Roving reporter news again!


Hey hey, ‘sme with some updates! Let’s start with some stuff that I did the last week… Continue reading