Personal Playlist by Iris (13 July 2016)


It has been a while since my latest playlist… So I decided to make a new one while I’m busy writing reviews for Background Magazine (which will be published soon on their website, and mine as well). Here’s a short list of albums I’ve been listening to lately… Continue reading


Personal Playlist by Iris (29 June 2016)


I know, there’s a lot of new music released in the past few months, and I tried to listen to most of it of course… But sometimes you’re craving some older music again! Here’s my latest playlist, containing both recent and less recent albums… Continue reading

Short Album Review: Genesis – Calling All Stations (1997)


Everybody’s talking about which lead vocalist did a better job for Genesis and which ‘era’ made the best Genesis music. You have the die-hard Peter Gabriel lovers who claim that Genesis was at their best back then, and you have the Phil Collins supporters who say that Phil era made better and more accessible music… And then you have me, the Ray Wilson fan! Yes, even some people who presume they’re a ‘Genesis fan’ totally forgot that the last album Genesis made was not a Phil Collins album at all, but an album with Ray Wilson. Continue reading