The Pineapple Thief – Your Wilderness (2016)


I know, I’m a bit late with this one, but I just wanted to write a review of this beauty, which was released in August this year. I also reviewed Bruce Soord’s solo album which was released earlier this year (you can read my review here), but I think that Bruce is way better in his element in his band The Pineapple Thief. Continue reading


Top 5 no-man albums by Iris


A personal top 5 of one of my favourite band, no-man! For the people who never heard of them: it’s a band/project formed by Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson back in 1987. A band you can’t place in a certain genre because they changed their music styles and influences over the years. Want to know which albums my favourite masterpieces? Here they are!

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IWKC – Evil Bear Boris (2015)


The name of Russian band IWKC is an abbreviation of the words I Will Kill Chita, a joke that refers to the tensions the band members had in the past. There are ten different musicians contributing on this album (most of them playing classical instruments like cello and violin or jazz instruments like saxophone), plus the Gnesin State Musical College Choir. The band itself describes their music as a combination art rock, neo-psychedelica, post rock and neo-classic… Which makes me very curious. I just love the sleeve of the album. It’s a very very artistic painting of a furious bear. The inside of the album sleeve contains a letter written by Russian composer/musician Vladimir Martynov, it’s written in English and in Russian (and I have to admit, my English is better than my Russian). Vladimir gives a brief opinion about the album, which makes me even more curious. Continue reading

ProgCity Festival, Musicon Den Haag, 14 November 2015


You wouldn’t tell this was just the first edition of ProgCity Festival. Once I entered the venue the ambiance was great. Everything was well organized and the sound-checks between the bands were smooth and fast in my opinion. A big thumbs-up for Gert-Jan van Middelkoop and everyone who worked at Musicon that day. Three Dutch bands were scheduled for this evening: Infinite Mind, Armed Cloud and Cartographer. I’ve seen Armed Cloud during ProgFrog Festival not so long ago and really enjoyed their performance back then (you can find the review of ProgFrog Festival here). I was extra curious about Infinite Mind and Cartographer because I had never seen them perform live. Continue reading

Downriver Dead Men Go – Tides (2015)


Downriver Dead Men Go are a Dutch band. It is the side project of band members from the band Caitlin (Gerrit Koekebakker, Fernandez Burton and Andy de Zeeuw), and additional musician Gijs van Rijn. Tides is the band’s debut album. I love the cover of the album, a beautiful and serene painting. Continue reading