The Royal Spuds & Heylel, Cab03 Leiden, 22 May 2016


A strange, but bold combination. Ok, it’s quite common that two bands do a co-headliner show on the same evening, but the two bands could not be further away from in terms of their music genres. The Royal Spuds are a folk punk band, while Heylel are a progressive rock band with gothic influences. Punk versus Prog? Wow, that must be a spectacular combination to watch live! The Cab03 itself is a very cozy, intimate location (I know the people who’ve been there know what I mean), and the room was slowly filling up with dedicated fans of both bands. The light effects were far from spectacular and the room was very dark, so taking good pics was a bit difficult for me. Luckily the light was only a small minor point, because the rest of the evening was a fabulous performance of both bands. Continue reading


Roving reporter news!


Hey hey, a personal blog post from a totally knackered roving reporter! I don’t know why, but sometimes I wake up after a good night full of sleep, but totally feel ‘wasted’ the entire day… And today is one of those days. Of course, I had a ‘pretty busy’ day yesterday (more about it later in this post), but I went to bed at a reasonable time and slept pretty good, but when I woke up I had the feeling I was hit by a truck… Anyway, enough ‘whining’, time for the news! Continue reading