Kristoffer Gildenlöw – The Rain (2016)


The Rain is the second studio album created by the multi-talented Kristoffer Gildenlöw. Kristoffer plays a lot of the instruments himself and is also assisted by wonderful musicians who collaborate on this album: Lars Erik Asp (Gazpacho) on drums, Paul Coenradie (Valentine) on guitars, Fredrik Hermansson (Pain Of Salvation) on (electric) piano, Anne Bakker (Blaze Bayley) on violin and vocals, and Maaike Peterse (Kovacs, Ayreon) on cello. There are several guest musicians contributing on the album as well, including a complete choir. Continue reading


Robby Valentine, Bizarro World Vinyl Release Party, live at the P3 Purmerend, 20 February 2016


The album Bizarro World, which is Robby Valentine’s  most recent album, was released back in 2014. This year the album was  finally released as a limited edition vinyl album. People who pre-ordered the album were invited to join the official vinyl release party in the P3 at Purmerend. This  was the first time I ever went to this venue and to a concert of Robby Valentine, so I was very curious that evening. Continue reading

So this is February 2016… (And a lot happened so far)


Wow! This is a very strange month so far. A lot has happened… A lot of good things, but sadly also bad things…  Continue reading