The pros and cons of disliking (the struggles of a reviewer)


Writer’s block… Again! I should have finished some reviews this week (according to myself), but somehow it doesn’t work out the last couple of days…

… And listening to music you already know doesn’t make it any easier too! Of course, I discovered a lot of (brand) new music this week, thanks to artists/bands, friends and colleagues! Somehow… I haven’t done much when it comes to reviewing albums this week. Not because I do not want to, but it seems like my brain, fingers and ears are not communicating very well with each other at the moment.

Looking at my pile of (promo) copies of certain albums and my lists of digital downloads makes me sigh. Every artist/band deserves a well written review, and I’m just sitting here staring towards my computer screen, looking at a blank page.

I do have to admit, some music that needs to be reviewed is actually pretty tough to review. I don’t have too much trouble reviewing music which is not my taste at all, but sometimes it can still be pretty troublesome. Sometimes I only need to listen to the album three or four times to get a good representation of the music, sometimes I still have no clue what to write while I listened to it more than 30 times…

… And sometimes you have to deal with the most shittiest music you ever heard. Ok, this sounds not very nice of me, but I did have to deal with some ‘terrible’ music over the years too. I sometimes wonder why an artist/band brings out an album which is, for example, very badly produced/mixed/mastered. You do have ears, right?

Anyway, before this blog post starts into a big rant, let’s go back to business! There are albums which need to be reviewed and more awesome shows to be made!

By the way, if you haven’t listen to the brand new show I have with Ed, go check it out here:

A big thank you reading, as always!

Big hugs and huge kisses!

Iris, aka Ier!



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