Personal Playlist by Iris (22 September 2016)


Time for a brand new playlist again, filled with brand new music, and also one slightly older album. Go check it out!  Continue reading

Top 5 Opeth albums by Iris


Opeth will be releasing their twelfth studio album named Sorceress at the end of this month. I’m very curious about the album, and I will probably write a review about it soon! In the meantime I made a top five of my most favourite Opeth albums so far…

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Personal Playlist by Iris (9 September 2016)


Another playlist? Again? There’s so much good music out there today that I just needed to make a new playlist again! Here we go!  Continue reading

Honourable Mention: Incredible Expanding Mindfuck (I.E.M.)


We all know that Steven Wilson is a musical centipede when it comes to making and producing music. Porcupine Tree, no-man, Bass Communion, just to name a few… But have you ever heard about his project named Incredible Expanding Mindfuck? Continue reading

Personal Playlist by Iris (26 August 2016)


My latest playlist was last month, so it’s time for a new one! This playlist also contains some FREE music downloads, yippehyayeeeh! Here are some albums I’m listening to lately… Continue reading

Alan Legge’s challenge to raise awareness of Veteran and Civilian suicide rates through PTSD


Alan Legge is doing a wonderful job raising awareness of Veteran and Civilian deaths by suicide, caused through PTSD:

“This challenge is to do 22 press ups each day for 22 days to raise awareness of VETERAN and Civilian suicide rates through PTSD here in the UK. The goal is to raise awareness for those who are battling this demon.

Help spread the word and look after each other. Someone you know may be suffering in silence.”

Please show him your support (here), and check out his latest video!

Progressive Music Awards 2016 – Proglodyte Cave Council — Proglodytes


Yes yes! Proglodytes already has the results of their own Progressive Music Awards of 2016! Want to know which bands I voted for? Go check it out:

Each year, Prog Magazine gives out awards for the movers and music makers in the progressive rock world. A number of categories are open for fan voting, while others are determined by the writers and editors of the magazine. What follows is a discussion by the Proglodytes team on the awards and who should win […]

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